Deployment scripts for my website.
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# Usage: `deploy-npm-versioned $dst_dir`
# Builds the repository in the current directory with `npm run deploy` and copies the contents of `dist/` into multiple
# sub-directories in `$dst_dir`.
# The sub-directories are named after the version number listed in the `package.json`.
# If the version is `A.B.C`, then the repository is deployed into sub-directories `A.B.C`, `A.B.x`, and `A.x.x`, where
# `x` is literal.
repo_name="$(basename -s .git "$repo_dir")"
tmp_dir="$HOME/tmp/git/$repo_name-$(date +%s)"
echo "[[ Deploy ]] npm-versioned($repo_name)"
echo "[[ Deploy ]] src: '$repo_dir'"
echo "[[ Deploy ]] dst: '$dst_dir'"
echo "[[ Deploy ]] tmp: '$tmp_dir'"
if test -e "$tmp_dir"; then
echo "[[ Deploy ]] Directory '$tmp_dir' already exists, stopping deployment."
echo "[[ Deploy ]] Creating directories '$dst_dir' and '$tmp_dir'."
mkdir -p "$dst_dir" "$tmp_dir"
echo "[[ Deploy ]] Cloning repository at '$repo_dir' into '$tmp_dir'."
git clone "$repo_dir" "$tmp_dir"
echo "[[ Deploy ]] Deploying npm at '$tmp_dir' into '$tmp_dir/dist'."
cd "$tmp_dir" || exit
npm ci
npm run deploy
echo "[[ Deploy ]] Extracting version info."
read -r major minor patch <<< "$(node -pe "require('./package.json').version" | awk '{split($0, a, "[\.\+\-]"); print a[1], a[2], a[3]}')"
dst_dirs="$dst_dir/$major.$minor.$patch $dst_dir/$major.$minor.x $dst_dir/$major.x.x"
echo "[[ Deploy ]] Copying files from '$tmp_dir/dist' to the following directories: $dst_dirs"
echo "$dst_dirs" | xargs -n 1 rm -rf
echo "$dst_dirs" | xargs -n 1 cp -r dist/
echo "$dst_dirs" | xargs -n 1 chmod -R g+w
echo "[[ Deploy ]] Deleting '$tmp_dir'."
rm -rf "$tmp_dir"