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A custom URL shortener.



# Run local PHP web server
$> cd ./dist
$> php -S localhost:8080 ./index.php


Copy these files into the desired directory. There's a few hardcoded URLs in there that you'll have to fix yourself. One day I'll create a config file for that. The database at .links.db is automatically created when you visit the main page.

You can access the database from the command line using something like VisiData.



GoatCounter is disabled unless the .goat.token and .goat.url files exist.

  • Add your GoatCounter API token with "Record pageviews" permission in the .goat.token file.
  • Add the URL of the /count API endpoint in .goat.url, e.g.
  • Add IP addresses that should not be counted to .goat.ignore, separated by newlines.