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"name": "privacy-policy",
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"version": "1.4.0",
"description": "The privacy policy of my website",
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These data are never used for the purposes of advertising or tracking.
<h4>Information provided by you</h4>
The <a href="">local Gitea instance</a> allows users to register an account,
to open issues, and to otherwise interact with the repositories hosted there.
Any information you provide there, such as your email address, username, comments, and images, are
stored locally on this server.
You can update or remove your information at any time.
Because the server automatically creates backups of the Gitea instance, information will be retained in
a backup for up to five weeks after it has been removed or updated.
<h4>Back-end errors</h4>
Some requests to this website result in errors in the back end.