The privacy policy of my website.
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This website does not function fully if JavaScript is disabled.
Please check the <a href="">
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<b>Last updated</b>:
(<a href="">history</a>)<br />
For inquiries, please email me at <kbd>felix</kbd> at this very domain.
Usually, no personal information is collected.
However, if an error occurs, your IP address is stored in the server's error log for up to five
This website uses <a href="">&#9099; GoatCounter</a> to perform
<h3>Collected information</h3>
<h4>Normal operation</h4>
<p>The following information may be collected:</p>
<li>URL of the visited page,</li>
<li><code>Referer</code> header,</li>
<li><code>User-Agent</code> header,</li>
<li>screen size,</li>
<li>country and region name based on IP address, and</li>
<li>a hash of all of the following: the IP address, the <code>User-Agent</code> header, and a random
In short, no personal information is collected, nor can it be derived from the stored information.
The hash described above is kept in memory for 8&nbsp;hours only to identify a browser session; it is
never stored on disk.
The above data are collected using a self-hosted instance of
<a href="">&#9099; <b>GoatCounter</b></a>.
GoatCounter on this website can be toggled on or off by visiting
<a href=""></a>.
Alternatively, GoatCounter can be disabled by configuring your browser to block all requests to
<a href=""></a>.
Some pages on this website make use of <b>cookies</b>, localStorage, and similar methods.
These storage methods are used exclusively for technical purposes, such as keeping users logged in or to
store achievements and preferences.
These data are never used for the purposes of advertising or tracking.
<h4>Back-end errors</h4>
Some requests to this website result in errors in the back end.
Back-end errors are described in zero or more log entries, each of which contains the requester's
IP&nbsp;address, the date and time of the error, the URL of the visited page, and the error message
describing the nature of the error.
Log entries are removed within five weeks after the associated error occurs.
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