Template used for pages on fwdekker.com https://static.fwdekker.com/lib/template/
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FWDekker Template

The base template for pages on fwdekker.com.

Contains utilities for

  • settings up header, footer, and navigation,
  • interacting with local storage (and an in-memory variant for testing), and
  • form validation.

Simply import template.js and template.css to get it working. All JavaScript functionalities are exposed using the window.fwdekker object.

Some functionalities are automatically executed after configuring some <meta> tags in the HTML. For example, set <meta name="fwd:nav:target" content="#nav" /> to automatically put the navigation bar in the #nav element. All meta-tag behaviour is opt-in.

Read the files' individual documentation for more information.



Setting up

# Install dependencies (only needed once)
$> npm ci


# Build the tool in `dist/` for development
$> npm run dev
# Same as above, but automatically rerun it whenever files are changed
$> npm run dev:server
# Build the tool in `dist/` for deployment
$> npm run deploy